Conflict Dramas Interactive DVD 1 - Race and Gender

Conflict Dramas Interactive DVD Race and Gender This innovative and fully interactive DVD features three dramas, each one tackling a different conflict arising from gender and racial stereotyping.

Using interactive menus to produce a unique drama-based game, this cleverly constructed product can be used by all age groups and anyone interested in challenging stereotyping. All scenarios are presented by actors and each one is based on a real-life case study.

In three interactive dramas, Danny, Nina and Pete are all facing obstacles in the way of their chosen careers.

You can help them overcome these obstacles. Choose the best arguments for them to convince others that they should be allowed to go for their dreams.

Or maybe you have a different point of view; like Mr Chadwick, who doesn't want a girl working in his garage; or Mr Hussein, who refuses to let his daughter leave home and go to the art college; or Pete's best friend who doesn't want him to be a nursery nurse, doing a 'women's job'.

It's up to you - you decide what points the characters should make to win the argument.

The featured dramas:

  • A young woman wants to become a motor mechanic
  • A young woman of Muslim faith wants to go to art school away from home
  • A young man wants to become a nursery nurse

The accompanying Dramas DVD Guide provides supplementary materials and ideas for teachers and learning providers to help them get the most out of this unique DVD.

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This DVD is one of two in the Conflict Drama series.

Conflict Drama DVD 2 explores Age, Cultural Difference, Disability and Sexual Orientation.
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Conflict Drama DVD 1: (Race, Gender) :- £125

Conflict Drama DVD 2: (Age, Cultural Difference, Disability and Sexual Orientation.) :- £200.00

Set of two DVDs :- £300.00

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